Welcome to our shop / E-Commerce demo website

We wanted to give you the ability to see exactly what we can produce and the amazing features your shop / E-Commerce website can have.

Everything you see on this website can be built into your website so get in touch now for a free no obligation quote.

The Main Features

Below are a few of the main features of the system.

If you do not see something you are looking for, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Coupon Management

Give your customers coupons for a percentage off, a fixed amount or special offers.

Offer coupons for your customer’s whole cart or certain products.

Payment Gateways

Give your customers a number of ways to make payment.

Amazon Pay, Elavon, GoCardless, OGone, PayPal, PayPoint, RealEx, SagePay, Stripe, Square, Worldpay, and many more…


View your sales, any refunds and even coupons over time.

See which are your most popular products and categories.

Unlimited Categories & Products

Add as many categories and products as you need.

Never over-sell by using the built in inventory systems.

Sell physical products, downloadable products and even memberships.

Loyalty Scheme

Neuromarketing research has confirmed that if your customer receives a gift, they kind of feel like they are in debt to you.

This way you will create customer loyalty, without them even realising it.

Your customers will collect points that will turn into a discount on a new purchase for each purchase or action in your shop.

Abandoned Cart

Send reminders to users that have abandoned their carts.

More than 40% of cart abandonment emails are opened.

50% of these are clicked on.

50% of the users who clicked purchased.

Social Login

Research has shown that over 77% of users prefer social login when using an e-commerce site for two main reasons.

Security and Data accuracy.

This leads to an increased conversion rate and more sales.

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